Selectrocide® 12G​

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Selectrocide® 12G is commonly used for agricultural applications, hard, non-porous surfaces, food contact surfaces and general disinfection.

The Selectrocide® 12G generates 6 gallons of 500 ppm ultra-pure ClO₂ and is intended for applications that require large amounts of pure ClO₂. The 12G is easy to use. Simply remove the sachet and place it in a covered tank or bucket and generate for 2 hours. Dilute the solution to fit your needs. The 12G is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as a pesticide and falls within the lowest toxicity categories. The 12G is also recognized and registered with the Organic Materials Review institute. 


  • Provides 30 gallons of hospital grade disinfectant
  • Provides 600 gallons of food contact surface sanitizer
  • Requires very little storage space
  • Ships dry to save on costs
  • No activators, or mixing of chemicals required
  • Effective deodorizer


  • Food processing facilities
  • Greenhouse/Grow operations
  • High purity water systems
  • Food Service
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Schools
  • Stadiums/Locker Rooms
  • Greenhouses
  • Indoor & Outdoor Agricultural Facilities
  • Hydroponic Facilities